Introduce The Haedong Academic Information Library

The Haedong Academic Information Library was founded by Jungsik Kim, the CEO of the Daedeok Electronics Co., Ltd., hoping to become an academic information room for creative talent development with confidence. He donated believing that this Library will help the development of Korea's technology culture. It was established on the first floor of the ERICA Campus Engineering Hall on June 1, 2011.





Room  Sort number 
Reference Room1 PC 5
Scanner·Translator 2
all-in-one 1
Seminar Room Screen  3
Beam Projector 3

Main Facilities

Main Facilities
Room Extent Seat 
Reference Room 64.0㎡ 19
Whisper Sogon O&A room 32.0㎡ 20
Reading room 252.0㎡ 122
seminar room1 10.6㎡ 6
seminar room2 10.6㎡ 6
seminar room3 10.6㎡ 6