Ansan Green Environment Center

The Primary purposes of the AETeC are to help alleviate growing regional environmental pollution problems through research and to develop and apply environmental technologies that can fulfill the local needs and conditions. For that end, a close – knit research consortium is organized of participating members which include universities and research institutes in the region, local governments, industries, and non-governmental environmental organizations.


International Space Exploration Research Center

The ISERI at Hanyang University specializes in Automation and Robotics in Construction, Construction Engineering and Management, Project Management, Construction Education, e-Construction, improving Construction Productivity and Methods, Knowledge Management and Space Construction. Since the year 2000, the lab has performed more than 115 research projects with 11.54 billion won in research funds to date. The lab has led numerous international conferences and starting from 2004, it has been focusing primarily on lunar exploration and construction - the new frontier of our future. By introducing new concepts in construction management, construction outomation, extreme engineering and lunar construction, this lab has established itself as the gateway into the world of space exploration of Korea.

Science and Technology Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Research Institute plant project (Permafrost area resources transfer network design, construction and maintenance technologies)

For prior occupation of the market, the research group’s main purpose is to develop the system of transporting resources and facilities operation especially in the design, construction and maintenance on transporting resources to the coldest climate and to advance the optimum technology of connecting pipes and evaluation method of the pipelines. To achieve the goal, Development of Pipe Line Design, Construction and Management Technology in Permafrost Area supported by Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement has established a research center with its home in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Plant Engineering at Hanyang University as well as has organized researching teams having 210 members at universities, research institutes and companies.

Fiber Research Center

The mission of the center is to extend the advance technologies in concrete structure system using fibers. Research areas are open to any practices incorporating short fiber, long fiber, hybrid fiber, geosynthetics, FRPs, as well as technical consulting and NDT diagnosis. The center aims to enrich the engineering communities through technology transfers and educational programs and to deliver higher values to the public.

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