Department of Integrative Engineering

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Educational aim of the Department of Integrative Engineering lies in nurturing engineers that are integrative, convergent and creative through integration of learnings based on theory and technology such as basic sciences, scientific philosophy, electrical and computer engineering, and industrial and management engineering.

Rapidly changing business environment and technical development require engineers who has been developed through convergence of different disciplines and technologies over the unique learning area of modern science and engineering. Convergence talented engineers are also required, who will lead a new next-generation growth engines. In order to achieve the aim, the Department tries to train future professional engineers through operating the integrative curriculum such as humanities, basic sciences, electrical and computer engineering, and industrial management engineering.

We operate a curriculum including subjects for personality and basic sciences for freshman courses and integrated engineering subjects such as electrical and computer engineering, and industrial engineering for sophomore through senior courses. In the main subjects related to computer and industrial engineering, we offer computer operations and systems, computer aided design, global technology management, usability engineering and engineering economy, etc. Particularly, we promote on-site training of practical engineers and plan to characterize an integrative engineering through offering major-required courses such as Introduction to Integration Capstone Design, Integration Capstone Design I, Integration Capstone Design II and Integration Capstone Design III for freshman through senior years.