Department of Industrial & Management Engineering

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Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Industrial & Management Engineering offers programs for the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial and Management Engineering. To provide students with disciplines and skills needed in the era of globalization, competitive business, and service oriented environment, our undergraduate program is organized into the following six specialty tracks.


Major Tracks

- Manufacturing Logistics Management
- Quality Management
- Management Science
- Information Management
- Ergonomics
- User-Centered Systems Engineering


Graduate Program

The Graduate School of Hanyang University offers programs of study leading to the degrees of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Engineering. Admissions to graduate study will be granted to qualified applicants who hold a Bachelor's degree in industrial engineering or who have equivalent qualifications. Outstanding students who have a Bachelor's degree in other fields of engineering or science will also be considered for admission.


Research Areas

Information Engineering

Applications of IT to logistics by means of application of operations research

Supply Chain Management

e-Manufacturing, logistics, and production information

Management Science

Investment analysis and application of operations research

Statistics and Quality

Project management and process improvement through six-sigma

Probability Theory and Application

Application of probability theory to communication, manufacturing, information systems and others

User Interface Design

Biomechanical analysis, HCI, and affective engineering

Uncertainty Management

Decision making processes and application of Bayesian analysis to information systems

Complex System Interaction

Formal modeling and control of complex and interactive systems focusing