Name Tel Duties
Young Shik Moon 031-400-5110 Dean
Jin Seok Park 031-400-5166 Associate Dean(Academic Affairs)
Han Kyu Yoo 031-400-5147 Associate Dean(Managerial Affairs)
Name Tel Duties
Gweon Chang Yoo 031-400-5111 Supervision of team-related affairs
Soon Ae Kwon 031-400-5118 Affairs related to college planning(Events and committee meetings)
Sung Taeg Kim 031-400-5119 Affairs related to college planning(Facilities, Budgets, Safety & Security)
Ju Hee Choi 031-400-5113 Full-time and part-time faculty HR-Departmental evaluations
Myung Yeon Cho 031-400-5120 Affairs related to Facilities, Budgets, Safety & Security
Dong Won Kim 031-400-5103 Affairs related to "Graduate School of Engineering & Technology"
Jee In Ryu 031-400-5115 - Academic affairs for graduate students and undergraduate students
- Curriculum and course management
Joung Soon Park 031-400-5117 Affairs related to Scholarship & Student Union
Joo Hee Seo 031-400-4015 - Academic affairs for Undergraduate students
- Employment Support Activities