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LINC (Leaders in INdustry-university Cooperation )

학연산 클러스터 캠퍼스+지역산업 -> 선도적 산학협력 패러다임(HY-RAINBOW) ->한양대학교+지역기업 공생발전 즉,학연산 클러스터 캠퍼스를 기반으로 선도적 산학협력 패러다임(HY-RAINBOW)의 창조적 개선.  HY-RAINBOW 스펠링 뜻:  HY(Hangyang University) 한양대학교 / R(Regional Growth) 학연산 동반성장을 위한 산학협력 패러다임 변화 / A(Advenced Start-ups) 새로운 고용창출을 위한 창조적 창업시스템 / I(I Innovative Lecture System) 창조적 창업마인드와 스펙초월 채용시스템에 부합하는 교육과정 / N(Network Conbergence) All-set 기업지원체계 구축/B(Biz Incubation) 창조적 아이디어의 끊임없는 사업화 추구/O(Open Research System) 학부,대학원,교수가 참여하는 열린 연구체계 구축/W(World Move) 세계무대로 진출하는 HY-Move 추진

In March 2012, with its Leaders in INdustry-university Coopera\-tion (LINC) project, Hanyang University ERICA Campus was designated as a university leading the technological innovation. Since then, a five-year project has been conducted to promote industry-university cooperation. In 2004, ERICA Campus be\-came the only hub university for industry-university collaboration (HUNIC) to be selected and funded in the metropolitan area for outstanding industry-university cooperation. For its outstanding performance in industry-university cooperation, ERICA was re-selected in 2009 for the second stage HUNIC project. Later on, ERICA Campus was selected for LINC project and has been actively involved in promoting collaboration between the indus\-try and university based on our Education-Research-Industry Cluster.

As part of the LINC project, ERICA Campus has created, within regional innovation cluster, curriculum that allows undergradu\-ates to apply their technology skills to the real-life operation of a local industry. Especially, ERICA Campus has been contributing to the local economy by fostering students who would build the future around next-generation green technology and converging technology.