2000년 이후 대학연혁
2015 Engineering Research Center (ERC) - Innovative Durable Building and Infrastructure Researche Center was established
Department of Military Information Engineering was established
2014 Selected for the Specialized Project of CK-II (3 Project teams)
2013 Selected for BK21 Plus Project (2 Project groups, 6 Project teams)
Department of Robotics Engineering and Department of Integrative Engineering were established
2012 Selected for the Software Maven School at Hanyang University ERICA (Department of Computer Science Engineering)
2010 Department of Bionano Engineering was established
2009 Ansan Campus was renamed as ERICA Campus
HYU-IIT (Illinois Institute of Technology) dual-degree program was started
2008 Engineering Research Center (ERC) - Center for Integrated Human Sensing system was established
Applied Research Center for Electro-Fusion Technology and Sustainable Environmental Lab were completed
2007 5th Engineering building was completed
Hanyang University ERICA Campus Innovative Center for Engineering Education (ICEE) was established
Gyeonggi RRC - Ubiquitous Sensor Networks Research Center was established
2005 Engineering Research Center (ERC) - Sustainable Building was established
2003 HYU-NUS(National University of Singapore) joint program was started