Vision and Goals


Specialized university-research-industry cluster cooperation system -> Strengthening of Competency in Education,Strengthening of Competency in Research,Promotion of Globalization Base -> The Vision of the Colleage of Engineering Sciences:The construction of a model for the-world-best college with global-level education and research based on the University-research-industry cluster cooperation system


Strengthening of Competency in Education(Introduction of future learning methods,First-mover education,Industry friendly education.convergence education),Strengthening of Competency in Research(Promotion of cooperative research through attraction of government-support and industry-support laboratories in ERlCA campus,Activation of convergence research through maximization of merits of ERICA campus,Promotion of position as afoothold of regional industrial research),Promition of Globalization Base(Globalized education focused on G2 nations,Specialization of global network research,Attraction and utilization of foreign professors and students)