Department of Military
Information Engineering


ERICA Campus Engineering Building No. 5, No. 119-1


MIE department prepares young students to become professional officers of competence and sacrificing character in the Republic of Korea (ROK) Navy, with excellent credentials and outstanding background in the electronics and computer engineering. In the military information engineering, we deal with next-generation strategic military technologies, especially with communication network-based information system as well as electronic warfares. To prepare students as Naval officers and experts in military information engineering, the department of MIE provides a unique and dedicated curriculum which blends required and elective courses as in engineering school with professional subjects related to military disciplines. Students of the department of MIE are eligible to receive full-fledged ROK navy scholarship during the undergraduate studies and enable to start a career as a naval officer after graduation.
Two highlighted aims of the educational courses provided in the department of MIE are to educate students
- to play an important part of technical naval officer with responsible military virtues and outstanding background in engineering and
- to prepare them to extend his engineer’s role in the information-communication engineering field related with defense science industries.
Except several curricula related with military disciplines, the educational program in the department of MIE are the same as other engineering department and graduates with a Bachelor of Engineering degrees. Based on the renowned engineering education program in Hanyang university, the department of MIE will instruct students with field-oriented education programs in the area of electronic and computer engineering. Various industry-college collaborative educational programs, together with practical training based on diverse experiments, will guarantee student to be equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge and experience necessary for success in and beyond his naval officer’s career.