Division of Architecture
& Architectural Engineering


031-400-5130(Division of Architecture)
031-400-5180(Division of Architectural Engineering )
2 Engineering Building No. 115 (Division of Architecture)
2 Engineering Building No. 115 (Division of Architectural Engineering )

Educational Aim

The goal for the department of Architecture and Architecture is to educate industry leading architectural professionals who can provide excellent architectural solutions in and out of Korea.
The department’s aim can be further described as training future architects and architectural engineers with the knowledge of the latest technologies and theories that become solid bases for the creative and innovative design and research solutions.

Educational Objectives

  • Educate well-rounded architectural professional
  • Educate architects with creative and innovative design abilities
  • Educate SMART engineering professionals with a strong basis in design
  • Educate industry-ready professionals
  • Educate to become global leaders and collaborators
  • Educate to contribute to society in multiple levels


To become global leaders in architectural profession

  • Become a university with international significance
  • Promote environment friendly sustainable architecture
  • Nurture SMART Engineer with understanding of design as well as engineering

Globalization Strategy

Global Architectural Professionals

  • Prepare and train students to become global architectural professionals.

Establishment of Global Education Program in Asia

  • Operation of International Joint lectures and assessment with the use of Smart Class Room - International video lectures.
  • Cooperative development in Asia for the international education program and the training of world-class professionals.

Sustainable Architecture Education/ Research Specialization

  • Establishment of specialized research and education program of Sustainable Building and Dual Degree.

Graduate Program

Department of Architectural Design

Architecture Major at Hanyang University ERICA aims to educate industry leading architects who is capable of delivering excellent designs solutions with creativity, technology, and broad understanding of architecture discipline in overall building industry.
At Hanyang Universitiy ERICA, we offer 5-yr Korean Architectural Accrediting Board (KAAB) accredited Bachelor of Architecture Program as well as Master and Ph.D Programs. There are comprehensive list of courses that ranges from historical and theoretical oriented lecture courses, creative and design oriented studio courses, all the way to courses based on construction practice and integrated design. Many of the courses are intended to give cohesive understanding of architecture discipline and educate well-rounded architects.
Architecture Major at Hanyang University ERICA, as it have been since 1985, will continue to foster our students to become well-rounded architects who can lead the architectural industry.

Department of Architectural Engineering

The Architectural System Engineering major at Hanyang University ERICA aims to educate future construction and engineering professionals who will contribute to society and the building industry by learning the latest theories of architectural engineering and performing research in the discipline of architectural engineering. To achieve the goals of the program, students in the Department will pursue knowledge in the following areas: building structures, built environment, building sciences, building materials and construction management.
The Department of Architectural Engineering at Hanyang University ERICA offers three different degree levels: Bachelor of Engineering; Master of Science; and Ph.D. The Architectural System Engineering major (BSE) at Hanyang University ERICA emphasizes creative, innovative, multi-disciplinary research; international education through graduate exchange programs; and applied education. To successfully complete their degrees, graduate students will complete upper level coursework, and a thesis or dissertation.