Department of Robot Engineering

Building Maintenance Robot Research Center (BMR Center)

Building Maintenance Robot Research Center(BMRC) is established to develop built-in guide and gondola type intelligent robot system and multipurpose tools for special task such as building wall cleaning, painting, etc.

CIM and Robotics LAB (C&R LAB)

C&R Lab performs many robotics researches related to human-robotic interaction which requires human intelligence and robot precision and power. Major topics of research are robot position and force control, human motion intent-based robotic exoskeleton, haptics and remote robotic operations. The lab develops various wearable robotic exoskeletons, rehabilitation robots, intuitive robot operation systems.

  • 원격 로봇조종 시스템
  • 직관적 로봇조작 시스템
  • 착용형 근력증강 및 재활로봇

Robot Path Planning LAB

The research goal of the lab is to develop algorithm that enables robots operate autonomously in complex environment. The major topics of research are the motion planning for mobile robots with holonomic and nonholonomic constraints and also for highly-articulated robots, operating in high-dimensional configuration space. We also studies the modelling of the environment using range sensors.

  • 모바일 로봇의 센서 기반 경로계획
  • 양팔 로봇의 좁은 입구 통과 경로계획
  • 핸드폰 포장 작업을 위한 두 대 양팔로봇 경로계획

Robot Design LAB

The major research topics of Robot design lab include the optimal design of robotic manipulators, the design methodology for manipulators, design and motion generation for energy efficiency maximization, analyses of control and design parameters of underactuated systems. The lab perform research on design method that analyze kinematic/dynamic performances of robotic systems, define parameters that can quantitatively evaluate the performance, and thereby optimize the performance by linking these parameters logically. Also the lab studies the gravity compensation mechanism that can handle large payload, efficient robotic systems that can maximally use the system’s dynamic characters and underactuated systems.

  • 자석을 이용한 중력보상장치의 개발
  • 로봇 머니퓰레이터 최적 설계
  • 로봇 시스템 효율 극대화를 위한 연구