Department of Materials Sceinces
& Chemical Engineering

Material Characterization Center

Material characterization center in Hanyang University was established in 1997. The characterization facility is a multi-user, shared instrumentation facility for materials research, spanning from traditional technology to nanotechnology. Our capabilities include microscopy via electron, force probes and visible light; elemental, chemical and mass spectrometry, structural analysis via X-ray, ion and electron scattering; mechanical and nanomechanical analysis; and other various tools for material metrology.

Nano Contamination Control Clean Room

Nano Contamination Control Cleanroom is specializedfor researches in cleaning. The level of contamination is approximately class 10. It is furnished with equipments, suchas Fluorescence Optical Microscope, PIV System, AFM,SURFSCAN, Laser Shock Cleaning System, Wet Station,etc.

Research LAB

  • NanoBio Chemistry LAB
  • Nanodevice Engineering LAB
  • Functional Nanostructured Materials LAB
  • Applied Materials Research LAB(AMRL)
  • Fine Chemicals Process LAB(FCPL)
  • Polymer Nano Materials LAB
  • Chemical Process Control Engineering LAB
  • Steel Making & Recycling Process LAB
  • Biomedical Polymer LAB
  • Magnetism and Characterization LAB
  • Nano-Particulate Materials Technology LAB
  • Semiconductor Nano-Processing LAB
  • Multi-functional Surface Control LAB
  • Nano-Bio Materials and Processing LAB
  • Multi-Functional Materials & Devices LAB
  • Electrochemical Nano-Materials and System LAB
  • High Temperature Physicochemical Processing of Materials(HiTeP2) LAB