Department of Computer Science
& Engineering

SMASH Software Factory

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This study and development space is dedicated to Computer Science and Engineering students for freely carrying out creative activities. The spacious and bright space, consisting of software factory, group project area, individual study area, and social communication area, is used as an effective place to create software by enabling open communication, learning, and development.

Embedded Software LAB

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The embedded software market is growing rapidly as software is becoming an important source of functionality enhancement and differentiation in many non-computing industries. Accordingly, there is a huge demand for educating embedded software engineers with high qualification. Embedded software Lab. was reserved with the idea of tapping further the growing embedded systems market by fostering associated leading experts, with the application of various high-tech equipment such as development tool, host, and software.

Computer Security LAB

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This laboratory is dedicated to computer programming practice for Data Structure and Design of Algorithm courses. In this space, Computer Science and Engineering students learn specific data structures such as array, stack, queue, list, searching, sorting, tree, and graph which are used as basic data structures for various computer programs.
Computer Security Lab. has been fully equiped with high-end computers and various software development tools so as to provide high-quality computer programming education to students.