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SUStainable Building research center

친환경건축 연구센터 ERC 건물

Sustainable Building Technology means a future oriented, ultra high technology that maintains the quality of human life to an optimum condition by applying sustainable building technology such as saving of natural resources and energy, recycling of construction waste, and enhancement of concrete durability etc. at highrise building which is the collaboration of the ultra high-tech science and engineering technology through life cycle.
We believe that the topic of conversation in the 21st century is a sustainable development, and the performance engine is to develop the sustainable building technology in order to achieve the end. For the purpose, Engineering Research Center (ERC) assigned by the ministry of science and technology, Korea pursues to contribute to the creation of sustainability and human culture by the development of world class sustainable technology and achieving the advanced and sustainable building system for the educational purpose.

친환경건축 연구센터 ERC 상세이미지

Architectural Design Hall

The major features of Architectural Design Hall includes the membrane roof structure, the exposed steel structures with the double pair glass, and the building floor area of the first and the second floor is 586.76㎡. This building, which is connected to the 2nd floor of the 2nd engineering building accommodates the Architectural Exhibition Hall, 3design studios(junior design studios) the structural design room and outdoor lecture hall. Especially, the Architectural exhibition hall plays a major role to implement the practice oriented architectural education by exhibiting the award winning design works of the students and alumni, and the design works of the famous architects throughout the nation

3D Modeling LAB

latest technology 3D Modelling Equipment (3D Printer), CNC, as well as a Laser Cutting Machine with a teaching assistant available for the management and access control of the Lab.

Model Production Room

Model Production Room equipped with various tools such as cutting machines, milling Machines, drilling machines, compressors, round saws, grinders, and hand drills, etc so that the various materials and types of models are manufactured, which are necessary in the architectural design and the engineering experiment.

Computer LAB

Computer lab is equipped with a total of 50 PCs loaded with the softwares of architectural design, structural analysis, etc. and plotters. All the computers are connected to the network environment, which has access to internet and are opened to students 24/7 to support the architectural design and engineering education.

The Structural Experiment LAB

The structural experiment lab is a cutting edge high-tech super scale structural experiment lab. consisting of the total floor area of 2500㎡ including cellar, and 4 story building, 1,000 ton capacity of reaction wall(8x11m), and a reaction floor(0.6m thick) so that the static and dynamic experiments of building structure can be conducted. Experimental equipment consists of 8 static and dynamic actuators of 20~200ton capacity, 20, 200, 250ton all propose test equipment, 300, 500 ton pressure jack, and data acquisition systems with accessories. The scale of the experiment lab. is the top in the nation, and the facility was expanded by 2.5 times the floor area, which added the shaking table(3x3m) for the seismic-load related experiments and the 1,000 ton UTM machine in 2002. This facility is open to not only the faculty members and graduate students but also senior students in undergraduate level for their thesis work to promote the practice oriented education.

Architectural Environmental Experiment LAB

Architectural Environmental Experiment Lab. is the top level in the nation, which takes up the 2story high large space. The lab is equipped with 5x5m thermal environment experiment chamber, 6.5m diameter Artificial Sky Dome and Artificial Illuminance Experiment Lab. This lab. also contains the building environment and the measurement, and those are used in the accumulation of the broad knowledge through the continuous research and development with respect to architecture and the natural environment. This lab. is available to not only the faculty members and the graduate students but also the sophomore and junior students for their homework and seniors for their thesis so that this facility can be used in the practice oriented education

Sustainable Environmental LAB

Since 2006, the SUSB-Research Center has the added facility of Wind Environmental Laboratory which is a test Bed for various sustainable technologies developed at the center, including its double external surface facade technology. This test bed measures in real time air move-ment and temperature change within the cavity between the layers of the facade, the collected data is then analyzed to be applied for the design development of an optimal double surface facade system to minimize energy usage. The wind test equipment at the facility can also be used to assess a city’s heat island effect and wind current movements, as well as to test a high rise building’s wind pressure and vibration effects.